We're Hiring! At OTTY Sleep,

we do things differently, and we're here to change the way people sleep. We're on a mission to create the best night's sleep for everyone. We want to deliver on a promise to offer unparalleled simplicity and customer experience. Do you think you can help us on this mission? We're currently hiring for a variety of roles in operations and marketing.

Joining our team has many perks including on-site gym access in our eco-friendly complex, social events and much much more, if you think you have a strong passion for changing the world and the way we sleep, get in contact with michal@otty.com with your CV and a covering letter - we'd love to hear from you.

  • Marketing Executive - FILLED Salary: Filled

    We are looking for a skilled online marketing executive to help us build out our online marketing channels via social media and performance marketing, as well as help us create a marketing strategy to achieve better sales & interaction with customers.

    This role is an opportunity to become one of the core members of our startup team and grow with us, while we scale out into the European markets, as well as becoming one of the largest online mattress retailers in the UK.

    Everyday tasks:

    • PPC Management (Google, Bing, Programmatic, Other PPC channels)
    • Facebook & Instagram advertising
    • Affiliates Advertising (Using AWIN)
    • Analysing performance & optimising campaigns
    • Development of marketing strategies to maximise interaction
    • Developing additional marketing channels
    • Scaling performance to grow sales while remaining within requested ROI
    • Past experience in PPC & Social Media Advertising
    • Past experience working with e-commerce business
    • Skills in analysing and developing new campaigns
    • Ideally, experience using other online marketing channels
    • Ideally, experience with managing social media
    • Passion for growth & being a part of a promising start up
    Job Type: Full Time - FILLED
    Salary: Filled
  • Customer Service Agents Salary: Filled

    OTTY is an online mattress retailer selling directly to the customer through our website.

    We are looking for a full time member of staff to help take over the roles of customer service and operations, involving learning about our product, systems and way we work and then speaking to customers over the phone and on our online chat - all during the hours of 5PM-11:59PM during the week and 8AM-5PM on Weekends.

    We use different systems to keep track of customer orders and returns, stock levels and tracking numbers - you will be responsible for using those systems to effectively deal with all customer enquiries and be the first line of contact for OTTY.

    As a part of fast growing company, we are looking for long term members of the team which will help us grow the company and share our dream. The starting salary will increase alongside the company growth and the team size will increase with size. There will also be possibilities for new job openings and promotions as the company grows.

    Previous experience in working with customers is preferred.

    Previous experience in answering phone calls and emails is required.

    Ability to work under pressure and learning new systems is required.

    Please contact me if you think you could be a part of the team and we will contact you for more details and if it is something that works for you, arrange an interview with you.

    We look forward to hearing from you if this is something you think you'd be interested in!

    Job Type: Full Time
    Salary: Filled
  • PR & Social Media assistant - FILLED Salary: Filled

    We are looking for a PR & Social Media assistant to work with our current team, focusing on building up the press coverage and social presence, while helping us grow and proceed to lead the market. OTTY operates in a small team, each covering a large area of expertise. We are hiring to help us expand and assign people to manage certain areas of the business and ultimately own that side of the business as their own project.

    Job Details:

    • Managing our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
    • creating & managing campaigns to increase interaction with our customers
    • ensuring all customer messages and comments are responded to in a timely manner
    • Managing our PR activity (Press releases, competitions, reviews etc.)
    • Working on influencer & sponsorships outreach
    • Managing the Press inbox
    • Growing OTTY online presence
    • Helping with other minor tasks focused on
    • promoting our brand
    Job Type: Part Time
    Salary: Filled
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