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All The Information Needed To Inform Your Decision On Your Next Mattress Purchase.

Foam V Hybrid Spring? How Do I keep Cool? How Firm Should My Mattress Be? What If I dont Like My Mattress?

Mattresses should be considered purchases. In fact arguably it the most important purchase after your house. Why? Because you will spend a third of your life in bed and for general health sleep is the most important thing you can give your body. There are lots of questions to consider when evaluating the best mattress that is right for you. We are always available on chat of course but we have compiled a chart below to answer some of your research into boxed mattresses (we have our favourite of course).

  • How Firm Should My Mattress Be?

    Be Goldilocks. Not too Firm as this is a misconception for ailments and not to soft as it wont give you the support (springs provide the best support). Ours is 7/10 or medium firm. Just right.

  • How Long is the Mattress Guaranteed for?

    Only pick a mattress with a 10 year guarantee as you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years as suggested by the National Bed Federation. Our guarantee is for 10 years so you are good to go.

  • Do I get to try the bed to see if I like it?

    Most people know within a month if the mattress is right for them. We offer 100 nights (as do most of the competition) with a no quibble refund if you are not 100% happy. You also have the convenience of a home delivery.

  • What is a hybrid mattress? Foam v Springs

    Whilst foam only mattresses have denser foam as a base layer, only springs can give you the best support along with the comfort of memory foam as a top layer. Ratios need to be at least 50% spring as an ideal.

OTTY Mattress versus
The Competition

Everything you need to know about our mattress and how it compares.

Full price doubles from £499 v competition £575-£699.

(We always have an offer of 2 Free pillows or £50 off.)

All are hypoallergenic.

We have a washable removable cover v Only some.

All pass non-harmful chemicals.

All come with a trial period, some less than 100 nights.

We cover EU sizes v Only some other brands.

What's Inside

14cms (56%) Spring v 2-9cm (8-36%) Spring/Foam Ratio.

2000 v None or 600-2500 Springs.

All come with CentiPUR approved foam.

Cool gel infused (Blue Foam) v Non cooling gel foam.

F-Joint tech for product side support v None.

Increased Airflow v None.


Two-man Delivery v Some.

Bedroom Delivery v Some.

We Build The Bed Base v None.

Live Chat Support 7am-12pm v Some.

Same Day Delivery within M25 v Some.

All provide next day only some are free.

Saturday Delivery v Some.

All provide free returns.

Mattress In A Box Companies Offering 100 night trial

These include Simba Mattress, Emma Mattress, Casper Mattress, Leesa Mattress and Eve Mattress.

Interested In Our Mattress?

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OTTY Hybrid Mattress v The Competition

Full PrIce Doubles From £499

Full Price Doubles From £575-£699