After reviewing a lot of the bed in a box competitors, Expert Reviews have named the OTTY mattress the best hybrid mattress they have ever tested and 'an outstanding firm hybrid mattress'.

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Expert Reviews

Otty Mattress review: An outstanding firm hybrid mattress

The Otty mattress is one of the best, if not the best hybrid mattress, we’ve tested to date because it provides outstanding support, comfort and temperature control at a highly competitive price.

Mattresses preference is a very personal thing and, if you don’t like a firm bed, then you should probably give Otty a miss. Otherwise, it’s difficult to pick out any other mattress that offers everything the Otty does at such a low price. Moreover, it has a 100-day money back guarantee, so even if you disagree, you won’t be out of pocket as a result.
- Expert Reviews


Sleep is pretty simple. You just need a few essentials to keep you snoozing away all night, and to wake refreshed and ready to go in the morning. Luckily, they’re exactly what we’ve packed into an OTTY. Everything you need for a proper night’s sleep, and nothing pointless.

We know choosing a mattress online is hard. Comparing memory foam, springs, and all the rest. So we’ve made it simple. You can try an OTTY at home for 100 nights, risk free, with free collection. Not 30 nights. Not 60 nights. 100 nights. That means we’ll deliver it to you as normal, and that we guarantee to collect it for up to 100 days absolutely free if it’s not what you’re looking for.

Find the perfect balance with the OTTY Hybrid Mattress

OTTY is determined to stand out in the current cluttered box mattress market. The OTTY mattress combines the comfort and luxury of memory foam with the resilience and support of springs.

The Hybrid mattress is designed to suit everyone and every season. The cooling gel infused foam layer and removal washable cover allows you to constantly feel fresh and refresh your mattress.
The Hybrid mattress aims to be supportive, luxurious and convenient for every consumer.

  • 100 Night Trial

    Our quality assurance department is pretty small. It’s just you! Sleep on an OTTY for 100 nights (and days too, if you fancy). If you don’t like it then… well, that doesn’t really happen, but we’ll pick it up for free and give you a full refund.

  • 10-Year Guarantee

    An OTTY is made to last. We could tell you about rigorous testing and top-grade materials but that doesn’t matter much once you’re under the duvet. What you do need to know is that we’re confident enough to offer a 10-year guarantee.

  • 0% Finance

    Sometimes sleep can’t wait. If you want to spread the cost of getting your head down we’ve got interest-free finance from £29 a month. That’s a really cheap sleep, and 96% people get approved on the spot.

  • Premium Delivery

    Getting a mattress delivered shouldn’t be a pain in the neck, so we’ve got a few options. You can get it next day, on a weekend, or wait a few days for two cheerful delivery people to bring it to your bedroom. That’s all free, by the way.


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Our springs are pretty important. They keep you comfy, and they provide the support that means you’ll sleep soundly in any position you care to try.

But there’s no special secret behind them. No complex technology with a silly name. We just use more of them than our competitors. 2000 pocket springs in every OTTY. And ours are bigger too. 14cm versus the 2.5cm you might find elsewhere. And that’s it.


Look. We know mattress companies trying to act like hyper-trendy lifestyle advocates is a bit cringeworthy. But everyone who owns an OTTY says the same thing. It really is cool. On those hot, stuffy nights you’ll find yourself as cool as a cucumber.

That’s because of some pretty complicated stuff that we’ve spent a long time perfecting. The top layer of memory foam is injected with Cool Blue Gel, which regulates your temperature, and the structure is designed for air flow, circulating fresh air through perforations in the sides.


We guarantee to collect your OTTY hassle free if it’s not working out. Our delivery team will pop round to yours and pick it up, and it won’t cost you a penny.