Returns & Refunds


The 100 night trial is intended to give you the opportunity to see if you are happy with the mattress and therefore we ask for feedback on why you have returned a mattress as part of any return. If we have grounds to believe that you are returning the mattress for reasons other than because you're genuinely dissatisfied with the product, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the return under our 100 night trial policy and reserve the right to refuse to sell our products to you in the future, either through the website or otherwise. Please note that this does not affect your legal rights as a consumer. We reserve the right to refuse the 100 night trial to anyone not operating as a consumer or who is otherwise in breach of these terms. 

1. Returns Process

a) We recommend that you keep the mattress for at least 28 days before contacting us to send it back. The mattress will mold to your body and if it is different from what you had before, it will take some time to get used to.

b) We offer a 100 night trial as outlined in our Terms & Conditions page so if you do decide to send the mattress back to us, simply email returns ( at ) to begin the process. We will not begin the returns process without the written notice by email, or filled in via our returns centre. We will not accept the return request via Online Chat or Phone. Our returns department is at work between Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM and can take between 24-48h to reply to any emails. The date of the email is taken as the date your return has been started.

c) We will arrange for a special protective cover to be sent to you to cover the mattress. Once you have received it and prepared the mattress for pick up, we will arrange a convenient date for our courier to come and collect it. Please note there is no time allocation and the collections can only be booked between 9AM and 5PM between Monday and Friday.
Someone needs to be available at the point of collection to hand over the mattress to our courier, or it can be left in a safe place at your responsibility.

d) Once the item arrives back in our warehouse, it will be checked by our staff, who will notify us of the receipt. They will inspect the mattress for any damage and make sure all parts of the order have been returned.

e) If you purchased using a deal or a discount code and decide to return the mattress, you will also be required to return any free items you have received as part of the deal, or purchase them at the retail price of the items at the time of return.

f) Any items received free or at a discounted rate with a purchase of a mattress, cannot be returned once they have been opened, in exchange for a monetary discount or another item or discount. This applies to offers that apply discount to pillows or other accessories when purchasing together with the mattress.
Once an offer has been selected, the goods cannot be exchanged.

g) In case of the product developing a defect, it is under 10-year warranty and we will replace it for you upon confirmation of the defect.

h) Returns costs of OTTY pillows and/or pet beds will need to be paid for by the customer. We can offer the use of our couriers but the cost has to be paid by the customer, before they are booked in.

i) Once a mattress has been returned under the 100 night trial, any subsequent mattresses purchased will not be covered under the 100 night trial.
If multiple mattresses are purchased together, only one one is covered by the 100 night trial.

j) The 100 night trial only operates within the UK, Northern Ireland and ROI. Any returns from overseas will only be accepted if the return is arranged by the customer.

k) The 100 night trial covers you for occasions when you're nearly running out of time, but have advised our team that you are looking to return. As the returns process can take around 7 days, if you have notified us that you're looking to return before the end of the 100 nights, but go over the 100 nights while waiting for collection, we will stil accept it. The exceptions to this however, include missing pre-booked collection dates more than once, keeping the returns pack for more than a week before advising of the return being ready for collection, or asking to book the collection for more than a week ahead. In all those listed scenarios and any similar, when the total time after the delivery of your mattress has already surpassed 100 nights, the trial will be withdrawn and we will not collect or refund your mattress.

l) If we have considerable suspicion that you are returning the mattress to manipulate our offers or abuse the pricing otherwise, we can void the 100 night trial policy on your purchase and refuse your refund.

m) It is not OTTY's responsibility to keep track of your 100 night trial dates and will not be held responsible for any returns not being reported within the allocated time.

It is the customer's responsibility to contact us within the timeframe allowed to report a return request.

n) 30 day trials on accessories and bed frames are treated with identical terms to the 100 night trial (above), but for the duration of 30 days. 
The only exception is point 1k) where the bed frames and accessory purchases only allow additional 3 working days to arrange the collection. 

o) Bed frames have to be dismantled and parts placed back in their original packaging, including all the nuts, bolts & tools, before our drivers can collect them.



2. Refund Process

a) Upon receipt of the return in our warehouse, our staff will inspect the mattress and notify us of the receipt, so we can process a refund. 


a2) The refund will be held back if any part of the order has not been returned. This includes any free gifts received with the mattress, unless otherwise agreed in writing, with a member of our team.


b) The refund will be processed within 14 days of the receipt of the mattress in our warehouse. It can take 5-10 working days for the payment to be received in your account, depending on your bank's processing times.


c) The refund will be returned automatically to the payment method used for payment. There is, unfortunately, no way for us to change this.

3. Size Exchange Process

a) If you have ordered a mattress and a different size has arrived, we will be able to replace it for you based on certain factors.

b) If you have ordered the incorrect size and realised before the item is shipped, we will be able to simply change the order to the correct size and only charge/refund the difference in price. Please simply notify one of our customer service team and they will arrange that for you.

c) If you have already received the mattress, there will be an admin fee of £40 to collect and replace the mattress. The difference in price will be refunded or will need to be paid.

e) For any further information, please contact our customer services via the online chat, or call 0330 111 2222

f) The size exchange process will invalidate your 100 night trial.

4. Rejuvenated Mattress Returns

a) Rejuvenated mattresses come with a 30 day trial policy, which details of are as per the terms of our 100 night trial.

b) Rejuvenated mattresses are covered by a 2 year warranty.