OTTY ADJUSTABLE PILLOW - Shipping late September




Everyone has their favourite sleeping position. 74% of you love to sleep on your side. We created the adjustable pillow aimed at side sleepers because of the natural gap created in this position. We also took into account, head size and how broad your shoulders are too. All factors to take into consideration!

Don't fret back and front sleepers, you guys can use this too! We've specially designed and constructed this to give you the finest sleeping experience, no matter what your sleeping preference.

"Why is our pillow the best rated for side sleepers?" I hear you ask. Well it's all about loft (pillow height) and how different body types need a different loft. We need either low (under 7.5cms), medium (7.5cms - 12.5cms) or high loft pillows (12.5cms+). Because our pillow is adjustable, it can be made into any loft height that suits you.

Pillows for side sleepers are usually medium or high loft pillows because of the space between the sleeper’s head/neck and the pillow, and thicker pillows compensate for this gap. Whilst low loft pillows may cause bends in the spine (which can lead to pain and pressure) other factors come into play that should be taken into account when choosing the best pillow for side sleepers.

Low loft pillows suit small heads and narrow shoulders whilst medium loft pillows should be considered for those with an average head and shoulder size. Finally those with a broad frame and larger head the high loft is best for you.

With a cover made of luxuriously soothing down-like microfibre, the adjustable pillow is filled with OTTYCell memory foam elements, which can be inserted or removed from the pillow, depending on your nightly plumpness preference.  

The materials complement the pillows unique airflow system, which keeps the pillow cooler for longer – meaning you’re not spending time flipping the pillow during the night, instead spending that valuable time counting sheep. 

In short the answer to the question of best pillow for side sleepers?

  • Air-Flow Technology

  • Premium Delivery

  • 1 Year Warranty


Why should you buy the OTTY Adjustable pillow, over a standard memory foam pillow?

Because our habits and bodies can change over time, adding more filling or taking out for a smaller pillow means you can always be happy with your position. It's like having one pair of shoes you can run in and then 
transform to go out..

That's basically what the OTTY adjustable pillow is, except that it's for your head, not your feet.

Adjust the height, firmness and plumpness of your pillow by adding or removing the memory foam elements. 
We even include 2 pouches so you can store them safe when not in use.

And that's it - comfort and convenience, creating the perfect pillow.

  • Height Adjustable

  • Vegan Friendly Materials

  • Premium Memory
    Foam Filling

  • Improved Air Flow

Love Your Pillow

Adjustable Fillings


Change the height & firmness

The pillows can be adjusted to suit your preferred height, plumpness and firmness, giving you the best night’s sleep, night after night. 

Also if you have a sudden change of mind, just re-fill it back up and try something new!

Memory foam filling

We have picked luxurious memory foam fillings as they are the most versatile. They mould to your head and shoulders to offer the best night's sleep but are also breathable and allow air-flow, to prevent overheating.

Fits standard pillow cases

We've designed this pillow to fit any standard pillow cases and with the pillow being 65x43x25cm in size, you can use your favourite pillow case to match your bed sheets.

OTTY Mattress

The adjustable pillows work great alongside the OTTY mattress.