The OTTY Hybrid Mattress

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OTTY has been recognised as one of the best and even the best mattress in the space, with Expert Reviews quoting "The OTTY is the best hybrid mattress we've ever tested" during their review of the mattress.

  • "Life-Changing…At a Price rivals cannot match"

    - Expert Reviews

  • "...cosy, luxurious and extremely comfortable"

    - Good Housekeeping Institute

  • "Is The OTTY Worth It? Yes, 100 Times, Yes!"

    - Real Homes

The OTTY Hybrid Mattress

Sleep is pretty simple. All you need is a few essentials to keep you snoozing away all night, and to wake refreshed and ready to go in the morning. Luckily, they’re exactly what we’ve packed into every OTTY mattress.
Everything you need for a proper night’s sleep, and nothing less.

To create support for your back and joints, we use top quality encapsulated pocket springs (which are 5X the size of some of the other brands you might be thinking about trying), meaning you no longer wake up with those aches and pains you had before.

The top layer combines  technology that regulates your body temperature, with great airflow system to stop you getting hot and bothered on even the stuffiest of summer nights. This is actually where the comfort of OTTY comes from, the top layer of temperature regulating memory foam and a support layer of reflex foam, sitting on top of the supportive pocket springs. 

  • 100 Night Trial

  • 10-Year Guarantee

  • Premium Delivery


Our springs are pretty important but there’s no special secret behind them. No complex technology with a silly name. They're just thicker, longer and stronger than our competitors' springs - 16cm versus 2.5cm you might find elsewhere. There are up to 2000 of them in every OTTY mattress*. This is why an OTTY mattress will support you so well!
*Based on King size.


It’s kind of firm. Not firm-firm, but firmer than soft. Firm enough for your bad back. But not so firm you feel like you’re sleeping on an old door. You know what we mean?

To tell the truth, we know some people want an idea of what an OTTY will feel like to sleep on, but the best way is to try one for 100 nights, with risk free returns if it’s not quite doing the job.
There is a lot more to a mattress than firmness. It's like buying a car based on how fast it is. 

But if you really insist, we rate it ‘medium-to-firm’.

On a scale of 1 - 10, we’d rate an OTTY at 7.


You can use your OTTY anywhere. On a traditional slatted base, on an adjustable one, on one with drawers in, or even on the concrete floor of your super-hip warehouse loft apartment. You can even stick it on your balcony and sleep outside for the summer. (Not waterproof)

In all seriousness, we’ve designed OTTY to work on any solid surface, making it completely hassle free to find a frame for your new mattress to sit on.

  • Adjustable Base

  • Box Spring

  • Slatted Base

  • Platform / Floor

What kind of sleeper are you?

Why is OTTY so cool?


Temperature Regulating Memory Foam

The OTTY advanced memory foam technology helps to regulate
your body temperature, resulting in
a better night’s sleep.
Thickness: 3cm

Luxurious Reflex Foam

OTTY luxurious reflex foam relieves pressure and adjusts to your ideal sleeping posture providing you with the best possible night's sleep. 
Thickness: 3cm

2000 Pocket Springs

Our unique Encapsulated Pocket Springs offer optimal support for your joints and back and eliminate motion transfer, allowing you and your partner to sleep undisturbed. 
Thickness: 16cm

High-Density Base

High-density foam creates a sturdy base for the mattress, ensuring longevity and preventing dips and sagging. 
Thickness: 3cm

Airflow/Side Support

OTTY Airflow system helps to regulate body temperature by letting air circulate through all areas of the mattress, removing excess heat. The high-strength foam sides offer edge-to-edge support and add up to 25% sleeping area.

Removable/Washable Cover

The removable and washable cover is hypo-allergenic which allows for always sleeping fresh and is perfect for anyone with dust or skin allergies.


Five completely unique layers ensure you get the perfect night’s sleep while our four exclusive Otty benefits will put your mind at rest.

100 Night Trial

Once delivered, we give you up to 100 nights to fall in love with your OTTY mattress, if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll pick it up free of charge and give you a full refund.

10 Year Guarantee

A mattress should be a dream, not a nightmare. We’re so confident you will love our quality and comfort, that we offer a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Premium Delivery

Order now and get your OTTY mattress delivered by our premium two man delivery couriers. Shipping rates will be offered based on your region. 


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